Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets light up our homes and make our lives happier. They love and protect us and help relieve stress. However, keeping a pet at your home also comes with a set of responsibilities. Apart from caring for them so they have a healthy life, you also need to focus on keeping your house safe and clean.

Pets can damage the carpets and also carry a lot of harmful microorganisms that can settle in your carpets. That’s why you need to take extra care of your carpets if you have pets in the house.

5 Tips for pet owners to keep their carpets clean

1. Buy a strong vacuum cleaner

As a pet owner, it is best to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner that can effectively clean your carpets. A great vacuum makes cleaning much simpler and removes all pet hair and fur from the carpets.

If you live with pets, you should vacuum at least once every other day. Vacuuming should especially not be skipped if your pet sheds a lot as it can be challenging to remove pet hair from carpets if it gets accumulated.

2. Use odour remover for odour control

Your carpet may already be stained if your pet has a habit of peeing inside the house. When your dog or cat pees in a certain location, they are marking that area as their territory and the smell of their urine lingers there. This causes them to urinate in the same area again.

Hardware and grocery stores sell odour eliminators that can remove the smell of pee from your carpets, discouraging your pet from peeing there again. These odour removers also help keep your carpets and houses smelling fresh and clean.

3. Don’t delay cleaning up

If your dog or cat urinates or defecates on the carpet, act quickly and clean it up at once. The stain/odour control must be done immediately as it can longer and compromise the health of your house if you leave it there for a long time. That’s why it is best to always stay prepared for accidents if you live with pets and clean them at once using mild and natural cleaners.

4. Invest in a putty knife

Accidents can happen anytime. Some days you might not be able to take your dog outside and he may end up defecating on the carpet.

Solids are difficult to clean and removing them with a putty knife is your best option.

A putty knife is essentially a piece of hardware used to mix and distribute putty. Its thinness makes it simple to remove vomit or faeces from the carpet.

5. Make use of rugs

Even if your floors are carpeted, it's still crucial to strategically lay rugs all over your house. This will help avoid dirt in the house that your pets can bring with them when they use the restroom or the backyard.

If you have cats, make sure to place your rugs close to the cat litter as your cat can bring in dirt after using the litter. For dogs, you can place rugs on the front of any doorways or where they enter the house after spending time outside.

Call professionals for better cleaning

Calling in professionals is one of the greatest ways to guarantee that your carpet is safe and clean. A reputable carpet cleaning company can give your carpet a thorough cleaning by removing all dirt, microorganisms, pet fur and nails.

When living with pets, you can call professional cleaners once a month to ensure that your carpet is healthy.

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