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Let’s face it, hiring a professional carpet cleaning Collingwood Park service is perhaps the last thing on your mind unless there is a stubborn stain on your carpet. Regrettably, failure to clean your carpet regularly with the help of a professional could be one of your greatest undoing considering that normal vacuuming may not be enough.

As your carpet repeatedly gets stepped on, it tends to accumulate dirt, dust and debris. This leads to bad smells, unpleasant odours, and an unsightly appearance. Eventually, you will have no other choice but to replace it sooner than necessary, unless you call in a professional carpet cleaner to help. Below are a few tips on how to take care of your carpet and why involving a professional carpet cleaning Collingwood Park service is essential.

How often should you enlist a carpet cleaning Collingwood Park service?

The carpet is more than just a decoration in the home or office. Besides enhancing the appearance of your space, this crucial component helps provide warmth, reduce noise, improve indoor air quality, and insulate the floor.

However, for your carpet to perform all these functions, you have to clean it regularly to remove dirt, dust and stains, and extend its life. Notably, industry stakeholders recommend that you should have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, but the frequency really depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Here are a few factors that will determine how often you should hire a professional carpet cleaning Collingwood Park service.

– Size of household or workstation

The number of people in your home or at the workstation will determine how often you should have your carpets cleaned. In essence, a household with very few people will not need to clean their floor mats and carpets as regularly as a home with several kids. On the other hand, commercial spaces would require regular carpet cleaning due to the heavy traffic involved.

– Environment

Environmental factors and weather conditions can determine how frequently one needs to clean their carpets. For instance, if it is rainy or snowy, it is easy for household members to leave muddy footprints on your carpet. During dry seasons, dust, dirt and allergens may collect on your carpet, consequently causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Considering this, it is only logical that you have your carpets thoroughly cleaned to remove these allergens and improve air quality in your living space.

– Heavy Traffic Areas

Some areas of your property often experience heavier traffic flow than others, given that people tend to use the same path between rooms. This means that these areas will become dirty more quickly than the unused paths. With this in mind, it would be much sensible to concentrate on cleaning these heavy-trafficked areas more often than the unused parts, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

– Pets

lf you often allow your pets on the carpet, then you are more likely to need professional Carpet Cleaning Collingwood Park. Animals tend to be territorial in that they will mark their space, including your carpet, with urine or faeces. Even well-trained pets may sometimes cause a mess, forcing you to call emergency carpet cleaning services.

– Colour of the carpet

The colour of your carpet may also determine how often you clean your carpets. Light-Coloured carpets require frequent professional cleaning considering that they are renowned for revealing dirt and stains. Conversely, dark-coloured carpets may stay for long without requiring cleaning but this might turn out to be a disadvantage considering that you will not be able to detect the level of dirt on your carpet easily unless it starts to smell.

– Warranty Requirements

Some carpet manufacturers are very strict when it comes to guaranteeing requirements. In essence, you need to follow a specific cleaning schedule for your warranty to remain valid. Some go as far as indicating the minimum number of times you should have your carpet professionally cleaned in a year. You may also have to keep your cleaning receipts in case you need to file a claim for warranty.

How to hide carpet stains until a professional cleaner arrives

Accidents are bound to happen no matter what precautionary measures you take to protect your carpet from stains. This is particularly true if you have kids and pets in your home.

Essentially, children are almost synonymous with accidental spills, smears and spatter, hence you are more likely to deal with a few unsightly stains now and then. The good news is that you do not have to leave your carpet in a nasty state. Here are a few strategies you can use to hide stains until a professional carpet cleaner comes to your aid.

– Utilise a scrub brush with soapy water

One of the easiest ways of reducing the sight of a stain on your carpet is to use a soft-bristled scrub brush with soapy water. Ideally, you should use clean, hot or warm water to treat stubborn stains until they become less visible. However, the effectiveness of warm water depends on the type of stain you are dealing with. For instance, blood spots require cold water, given that it normally coagulates with heat, meaning that it would be harder to remove this type of stain with hot water.

– Apply non-bleach detergent

Non-bleach detergent is ideal for removing nearly all types of spots and odours, including oils, ketchup, coffee, lip-gloss and pet stains. The fact that most non-bleach detergents only contain 3% hydrogen peroxide means that you can use them to remove stubborn stains safely without bleaching out the colour dyes in your carpet.

– Vinegar and baking powder

You may also use a mixture of vinegar and baking powder to hide stubborn spots on your carpet before a professional cleaner arrives. Both vinegar and baking powder contains highly potent but safe compounds that work together to remove the toughest stains. All you have to do is to apply a small portion of this mixture on the stubborn spot then allow it to dry for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.

– Isopropyl alcohol

lnk stains can be nasty and even wreak havoc on your carpets and floor mats. Thankfully, by acting quickly, you can save your carpet from having a permanent spot. The good news is that you can remove tough ink stains easily using readily available household items such as hairsprays, isopropyl alcohol, nail polish removers, and any solution that contains a high content of alcohol. Moreover, the higher the percentage of alcohol, the better it will work.

– Rearrange furniture

ln some instances, trying to remove carpet stains using various home remedies and solutions might pose a huge challenge. When faced with such a challenge, the only viable solution would be to call a reliable carpet cleaning Collingwood Park service near you. In the meantime, you should consider rearranging your furniture to hide the stained spot until a professional cleaner comes to your aid.

– Add area rugs

Adding area rugs on top of the visible spots is another easy way, but temporary solution to hiding tough carpet stains. What is more surprising is that this strategy works in any room as long as you find the right colour combinations and sizes. The best part is that no one would ever guess what is lurking beneath the beautifully arranged area rugs.

– Place potted plants strategically

Depending on the location of the stain, you can consider placing potted plants on your carpet to disguise the ugly blemishes. Your guests will not even notice the carpet stains given that they will be focusing on the beautiful plants in your home. However, this strategy will only work if the stains are on the edges of the carpet.

Why hire a professional carpet cleaning Collingwood Park service

The benefits of hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning Collingwood Park cannot be understated. Apart from ensuring that your carpet remains clean at all times, professional cleaning extends the life of your priceless investment. Here are additional reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional.

– Eliminates stubborn stains

Professional Carpet Cleaning Collingwood Park companies have the necessary expertise and experience in dealing with tough stains. Using various methods such as encapsulation and water extraction, a professional cleaner will be able to remove a wide range of stains such as coffee spills, mud, ink and pet stains.

– Enhances overall appearance

The role of the carpet is to improve the overall appearance of your space. However, this cannot be possible if your carpet is always dirty. A professionally cleaned carpet not only looks great but also enhances the aesthetics of the room.

– Contributes to a healthier environment

Over time, your carpet may attract dirt, dust and allergens that an ordinary vacuum cleaner cannot remove. The allergens might trigger an allergic reaction and cause various respiratory problems. A professional Carpet Cleaning Collingwood Park company has the necessary skills to deal with these allergens as a result contributing to a much healthier environment.

– Complete removal of dirt and bacteria

Deep cleaning of your carpet is best left to the professionals. The high temperatures used to clean your carpet during this process not only remove embedded dirt but also kill bacteria and other pathogens.

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