Which is the Most Professional Carpet Cleaning Redbank Plains Service?

Carpet cleaning Redbank Plains companies are innumerable. However, you can only access the best carpet cleaning results when you find the most professional service. With a host of services to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Knowing what to look for is essential. Many people would rather go with the cheapest service, in a bid to save some money. However, your focus should be on quality and how well the company solves your cleaning problems. The good news is that Redbank Plains has many professional carpet cleaners. A great example is Tru Blue Home Services. This company provides an array of home cleaning solutions to your satisfaction.

Insight into this carpet cleaning Redbank Plains company

Tru Blue Home Services is a highly experienced player in the home/business cleaning market. It was established in 2001 as a carpet cleaning and pest control service in the Ipswich area. Over the years, this company has evolved and is now a one-stop service for home and business cleaning solutions. The company undertakes several services as listed below;

This carpet cleaning Redbank Plains company offers;

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Leather cleaning
  • General domestic cleaning
  • Home handyman services
  • Yard work
  • Pest control – excluding termite treatments

As you can see, everything you will ever need to keep your home and space looking crisp is provided by Tru Blue Home Services. This is the most professional company you will find in Redbank Plains. Many things contribute to their professionalism, and the following information sheds more light on this;

Top professional attributes of this carpet cleaning Redbank Plains service

  1. Professional staff members

The members of staff at this company are highly professional. This means that they have the right academic qualifications, coupled with ample experience. In addition to cleaning and pest control technicians, this company has professional customer care agents. People are always impressed by the prompt customer care undertaken with a smile. All members of staff are helpful and make sure that client needs come first. It is worth mentioning that almost all complaints are handled within 48 hours.

  1. You enjoy a service guarantee

It is not enough for a carpet cleaning service to say that the results are guaranteed. Tru Blue Home Services has gone a step further to provide a money back guarantee. This way, you do not have to pay for results that do not impress you. Once your carpet has been cleaned, and you are not happy, a technician will work on it a second time. If you are still on the fence about the results; you get your money back in full. Of course, the service is confident that you will get the very best results the first time around.

  1. All work is insured

Every task or job carried out by this company is insured. This makes the company highly professional. With certified technicians and insured jobs, you can be sure to get the best service.

  1. Excellent ratings

What customers say about a service matters significantly. The reviews help guide new clients accordingly. Thankfully, Tru Blue Home Services enjoys very high reviews and rating on Google and Facebook. Currently, the company has a Google star rating of 5 stars. On Facebook, the service is rated with 4.6 stars. Go through different reviews and see what people are saying. You will be happy to note that most people love the carpet cleaning results and the professional service offered.

  1. An award-winning carpet cleaning company in Ipswich

Residents of Ipswich and the surrounding areas have indeed endorsed the service offered by Tru Blue cleaning. To this end, the company has been named carpet cleaner of the year for three years in a row. This award-winning company is, therefore, always honoured to serve the residents in the best way possible.

  1. Cutting edge cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning technologies are dynamic. In this regard, a service has to keep up with the best practices. This company uses top-notch methods and equipment to make sure that carpets are as good as new. In addition to updated technologies, this service does not use harmful cleaning chemicals. It strives to use green products that are both effective and friendly to the environment.

  1. 24/7 services

Carpet cleaning is, indeed, an important service. When faced with carpet emergencies, you will need a prompt service that solves your problem. Also, for those who have crazy working schedules, a carpet cleaner that is always open is ideal. This company is open 24/7 to help you as needed. You can look forward to prompt services whenever you call the company. In addition to calling, you can also send an email and get a quick reply. Here, you can ask for free quotes with no obligations.

  1. Affordable services

This carpet cleaning Redbank Plains company is one of the most affordable. Prices start from $75, and customers enjoy free services for walk-in robes and hallways. Rest assured that you get full value for your money.

  1. The carpet cleaning company covers a large area

This professional carpet cleaner covers many areas and below is just a sample list of places serviced;

  • Newtown
  • Mt Gravatt
  • Mount Crosby
  • Middle Park
  • Slacks Creek
  • Riverhills
  • Oxley
  • Regency Downs
  • Shailer Park
  • West Lake
  • Basin Pocket
  • Bellbird Park
  • Cannon Hill
  • Bundamba

How does this company clean your carpet?

The most professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction to steam clean carpets. At Tru Blue Home Services, steam cleaningcarpet cleaning Redbank Plains services your carpet is done expertly for the most impressive results. A hot water extraction machine that is usually truck-mounted is used. This method uses high-pressure hot water on the carpet. In addition, powerful vacuums are used to suck the water from the carpet removing the grime, water and any debris in the fibres. This is the most effective carpet cleaning method as endorsed by most carpet manufacturers. Your carpet will indeed enjoy a long life this way.

The top benefits of steam cleaning your carpet professionally

There are countless benefits of steam cleaning your carpet in a professional manner;

First, you sanitise your carpet in the best way possible. This means that any bacteria, fungus, mould and even dust mites will be eliminated through this carpet cleaning method. This is the sure way to have a healthy carpet. If you get your carpet cleaned this way regularly, you will not have to worry about such harmful allergens. Your children and pets will thank you the most.

Another great merit of steam cleaning carpets is to remove any dirt that is ingrained deep in the fibres. The high-pressure steam can unlock this dirt effectively for a cleaner carpet. Therefore, cleaning your carpet at home is certainly not the best solution to doing a thorough job. Professional steam cleaning will guarantee you clean results.

Carpets are Damp to Touch

Steam cleaning the carpet uses strong vacuums as mentioned above. These vacuums can suck most of the water quickly. Therefore, your carpet will not be soaking wet. It will only be damp to touch, and within a few hours, the carpet will be completely dry.

Through professional steam cleaning of your carpet, you do not have to worry about a soapy residue left behind. Other methods of carpet cleaning will have this unsightly residue, and it can lead to more dirt. At Tru Blue Home Services, you will only pay when you love the carpet results completely.

After the steam cleaning at Tru Blue carpet cleaning, your carpets will;

  • Look and smell fresh
  • Be fully sanitised free from allergens
  • Be safe for use by your children and pets
  • Last longer

After having your carpet cleaned professionally, consider using carpet or fabric protection. This is a great way to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean for a long time. Below is a closer look at fabric protection and what you can expect.

Fabric protection through Scotchguarding

Tru Blue Home Service uses Scotchgard to protect your carpets, fabrics and upholstery. Developed by 3M, Scotchgard is a market leader to help repel stains and water. It works by creating a shield that prevents any dirt or soiling to penetrate into the carpet or fabric fibres. It, therefore, seals off your carpet to promote a clean look. The benefits of Scotchguard are far-reaching and below is a highlight of the top merits.

Why use Scotchgard?

Scotchgard, as echoed above, is a great way to protect fibres. Carpets and upholstery can significantly benefit. It prevents staining, and this will keep your surfaces looking clean and crisp. Also, it protects against premature wear; making your carpet and fabrics durable.

This protection, when added immediately after cleaning carpets or upholstery, will prolong the clean look. This way, you do not have to get your carpets professionally cleaned every other time. With Scotchgard, you can retain a clean look while blotting out any stains. This will effectively save you money.

Once your carpets are protected, cleaning the carpets or fabrics is much easier. This invisible protection will keep the dirt on the surface; making your cleaning task much easier at home. As you can see, Tru Blue Home Services provides you with vital cleaning solutions for your carpets, upholstery and fabrics.

Pest control at Tru Blue Home Services

As alluded to above, this professional carpet cleaner also has a pest control division. This one-stop service ensures that your home is clean and free from destructive pests. From homes to business premises, this company is dedicated to providing effective pest control in Redbank Plains and beyond. Some of the most common pests in this area include cockroaches, spiders, fleas, rodents, silverfish, ants, bed bugs and dust mites. At Tru Blue pest control, pest infestation is handled professionally. The company does not undertake termite treatments, but all the other pests will undoubtedly be dealt with. Below are the top reasons why you should choose this pest control service.

Get pests eradicated effectively

Pests like cockroaches are very stubborn, to say the least. Some people do not believe that roaches can be exterminated effectively. Tru Blue pest control uses the best pest management approaches. To this end, every pest will be controlled in the best manner possible. The end result will be a pest free home or premise. Keep in mind that the service undertakes pest control in hotels, warehouses, residential premises, food and non-food industries; among others.

Preventive pest control

Eradicating pests is great. However, if the right measures are not put in place to discourage pests, the infestation will recur. Therefore, Tru Blue pest management ensures that regular inspection, barriers and pre-emptive baiting are implemented. You are also guided on the best ways to keep these pests at bay. This way, you can enjoy a pest-free space for as long as possible.

Unparalleled experience

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this service was started in 2001. This means that the company has rich experience in carpet cleaning and pest management. In light of this, the company has customised its services to cater to customers in the best way possible. Choosing an experienced pest control company ensures that you get professional services each time.


Tru Blue Home Services is no doubt committed to delivering professional results to every customer. The satisfaction guarantee is tailored to ensure that every carpet is cleaned beyond expectations. The cleaning technicians are qualified and experienced to your delight. With prompt, affordable services, any person can enjoy the very best service. In addition to carpet cleaning, get your upholstery, fabrics and rugs cleaned as well. Services like Scotguarding will add life to your carpets and fabrics. If you are grappling with all manner of pests, this is the right service to solve the problem. Other excellent services include floor rejuvenation, odour and stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning and more. This carpet cleaning Redbank Plains company is undoubtedly your trusted partner for clean, healthy and conducive spaces.



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